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Price and Program Features for the 30-Day Detox program

The intention of this program is to mentor every individual on following a lifestyle that will not only help them achieve their ideal weight but also set them up on their transformation journey. 

Program Features:

  • Our experts study your individual case in detail -   your current diet, eating pattern, food liking and lifestyle, health challenges and health goals.

  • Through a video call, our experts discuss at length with you and provide you diet guidelines that are.

  • You are added to our participants online community where-in you can socialize with other participants and ask any questions you might have during the program.

  • Daily 1 hour Yoga and Meditation sessions are conducted 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) for body and mind relaxation.

  • Our experts review your progress every week through a call to ensure you are on track and are able to follow the guidelines provided to you. If needed, changes are suggested to provide you maximum benefits of the program and address any challenges you might be facing.

  • Our experts are always accessible to address any questions you might have during the 30-Day Program.

Program Fees

1 month: ₹6999 (inclusive of taxes)

2 months: ₹11999(inclusive of taxes)

3 months: ₹17999 (inclusive of taxes)

** Buddy and Group Discounts can be availed

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