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Process Engineering Principles, How-To's, Tips and Stories that inspire exploring a natural plant-based diet for our holistic well-being


Diet Purification Leads to Complete Freedom

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 7:26:2 states: तदेष श्लोको न पश्यो मृत्युं पश्यति न रोगं नोत दुःखतां सर्वं ह पश्यः पश्यति सर्वमाप्नोति सर्वश इति...

Stopped Diabetes Tablets!

By Deepak K 24 December 2021 When I joined the Sattv diet purification program I already knew in my heart I would benefit from it, but...

Freedom with Natural Diet

Priyanka Sarkar, 18 Dec 2021 What does the term "natural diet" mean when everything edible directly or indirectly comes from nature...

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