Dr Vikram Pattarkine

About three years ago Dr Vikram Pattarkine happened to accompany one of India’s leading classical vocalists Pt Ulhas Kashalkar on the Tanpura at a concert. Unfortunately, Dr Vikram could hold his pose for barely an hour before leg cramps forced him to leave the stage. Dejected, he embarked on a serious endeavor to reduce weight and improve body flexibility to ensure such an embarrassment wouldn't recur.

Being a chemical-environmental-process engineer with a three-decade-long career dedicated to environmental stewardship, Dr Vikram always knew good health could be achieved through careful diet and regular exercise, but had never shown the resolve to practice this knowledge. This time, however, it was to be different!

Dr Vikram stopped consuming processed and pre-packaged food at once. He gradually increased the percentage of natural unprocessed food.

In November 2017 Dr Vikram’s body weighed 80 kg (176 lb). Gradually decreasing the percentage of cooked food, by 31 December 2017, the body weight was down to about 72 kg (158 lb). Since then, the diet has been almost completely natural and his body weight has remained between 63 and 69 kg (139-152 lb). This diet has now become his lifestyle because the experience has been phenomenal!

Diet purification (Aharshuddhi) leads to mind purification (Chittashuddhi). This has been proven in Dr Vikram’s personal experience through careful observation. As a senior member of Team Sattv, Dr Vikram mentors the team as well as those who seek his guidance. Many have achieved their ideal body weight and overcome their lifestyle challenges under his mentorship and guidance.

Dr Vikram recommends we should not eat less than our daily requirement nor should we feel deprived. We should eat based on our body's needs, only when we are truly hungry!

Sayali Suyog Pitale

As a child, Sayali was a little chubby and due to her weight issues, her confidence was low. When it was time to choose a career path most of her relatives decided to pursue medical & paramedical fields. Sayali, however, decided to take a plunge into the field of Food Science. She enjoyed the subject thoroughly and graduated in Nutrition & Dietetics. She then went on to complete her Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics from the University of Pune.

Sayali has been working in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics for 13 years now. She looks after the Nutrition Department in hospitals, IT companies & schools. She and her team have consulted more than 400 employees from various IT companies to lead them towards a healthy lifestyle. She provides nutritional guidance to students and also serves tailor-made food to institutions she is associated with.

She has worked with patients from cancer hospitals, nursing homes, cardiac and orthopedic hospitals. She is also a visiting faculty with Symbiosis Center of Health Care, Pune.

Sayali regularly practices yoga asanas, breathing exercises (pranayama) and has been on a plant-based diet. She has experienced phenomenal results with respect to her energy levels, productivity, and managing her weight. She mentors those who are interested, in leading a balanced lifestyle through mental and physical well-being.