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Dr Jeewanlal Gandhi

Dr Jeewanlal Gandhi is an inspiration for Team Sattv. He is a pioneer in curing lifestyle diseases through diet purification. His academic training includes ND (Graduation in Nature cure & Yoga) and MFAM (Graduation in Ayurveda & Modern Medicine). During the past 55 years of dedicated practice, he has helped thousands of ​patients overcome their lifestyle diseases. He has lived a life guided by Nature's principles and has shown from his own lifestyle how we can maintain physical, mental, as well as spiritual health through diet purification.

Dr Gandhi has written books on how we can cure diseases and maintain vibrant health through natural diet. He has conducted training programs and workshops on holistic lifestyle to help people of all ages. Team Sattv is privileged to have Dr Gandhi as our mentor and guiding light.

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Dr Vikram Pattarkine


Diet purification (aharshuddhi) and intermittent fasting result in body purification, efficient conversion of food into body tissues (dhatus), increase in the subtle energy (ojas), improved immunity, and finally mind purification (chittashuddhi). This has been proven in Dr Vikram’s personal experience through careful experimentation and observation.

As a chemical-environmental-process engineer, Dr Vikram always knew vibrant health could be maintained by diet control and regular exercise, but had not been able to practice this knowledge consistently. In late 2017, when he transitioned to a natural diet as an experiment, his body weight reduced from 80 kg (176 lb) to 65 kg (143 lb) in 3 months. Other medical parameters - mildly elevated blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol - returned to normal levels. What started as an experiment became a lifestyle because of the pleasant experience of health. Over time, his yoga practice became more intense and his understanding of Shrimad BhagavadGita and Vedanta deepened.

Dr Vikram mentors the Sattv team as well as participants who seek his guidance. Many have achieved their ideal body weight and overcome their lifestyle challenges under his mentorship and guidance. He recommends we should eat as much natural food as possible, only to satisfy our body's needs, only when truly hungry, only till the first burp! When we follow this discipline, then other rules of Nature become clear from within as we progress on the path of discovering our own essential nature.


Sayali Dindorkar

Sayali is a clinical dietitian, nutritionist, and fitness enthusiast. She has a masters in dietetics and clinical nutrition services from Pune University and a diploma in diet, health, and wellness from Ashworth University, USA. During over 16 years of practice, she has developed a keen interest and understanding for holistic living and a variety of nutritious food blends. In December 2018, her dietetics entrepreneurial success story was featured at the national conference of Indian Dietetics Association.

In the past, Sayali has helped set up nutrition departments in hospitals and has catered to patients in hospitals. She is experienced in prescribing specific diets based on the physical condition of each person. She has worked as a clinical dietition at hospitals in Pune and Nashik. As an entrepreneur, she manages a holistic wellness clinic that provides advice and treatment to patients in Pune.

As a core member of the Sattv team, Sayali conducts one-on-one interviews with all participants and follows up with them periodically. She advises participants based on their specific requirements and holds their hand with compassion as they progress towards detoxification and disease reversal. Sayali is committed to the well-being of each participant and ensuring every participant has the best experience possible.

Shweta Chikhale


Shweta has a masters in dietetics from the University of Pune and over 15 years of professional experience. She is a certified diabetes educator in Pune. She has worked as a dietitian in several hospitals in Pune including Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, KEM, and Bharati. She has worked with Fitness Point in Nashik advising participants on weight management. She has organized diet and health related recipe displays and competitions. As a clinical dietitian, she has dealt with patients suffering from renal dysfunction, dialysis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and ICU patients. She has planned Ryle's tube (RT) feed charts, renal diet charts, and conducted lectures on dietary management of diabetes. She has delivered lectures on diabetes and obesity management in several camps conducted by pharmaceutical companies. She has conducted lectures on health and nutrition as a part of community awareness for healthy living (schools, colleges, and women's health).


As a Sattv team member Shweta educates potential participants about the Sattv program, interviewes them, and follows up with them as necessary. She advises participants based on their health conditions and monitors their progress.

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