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Don'ts and Dos

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

To succeed with Sattv's diet purification program, here are the general don'ts and dos. Every participant should follow the guidelines specifically designed for her / him by the Sattv Team.


  • Don’t make sudden changes in diet

  • Don’t eat unless hungry

  • Don’t drink unless thirsty

  • Don’t eat more than two meals a day

  • Don’t eat past first burp: ½ stomach food, rest digestive juices and air

  • Don’t eat snacks between meals

  • Avoid stimulants, intoxicants, drugs, packaged/processed/refined foods (sugar, salt, flours, oils, pre-cooked meals), animal-derived products, mushrooms, and nightshade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, chili peppers, green or colored peppers)

  • Don't stay up beyond 10 pm


  • Follow 7-days-a-week routine of work, exercise, mealtimes, recreation, rest

  • Eat when the sun is up (preferably within an 8-hour window any time 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset)

  • Fast overnight for 16+ hours

  • Eat as much natural food as possible without any processing – preferably local and seasonal produce

  • If cooked food is to be consumed, then cook simple food (local grains, beans) from scratch and eat within an hour of cooking

  • Exercise regularly – do stretches

  • Learn and do Suryanamaskara (Sun Salutation) – very powerful exercise for the entire body – especially spine

  • Take up a sport or a hobby

  • Be positive


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