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Realizing our Essential Nature

Diet purification is not done out of compulsion. It is done when we realize it is the way to clarify our mind so it can focus on any task we need to accomplish at any given time.

In a clear mind, Vedic truths can be perceived clearly. We start getting clarity about who we are, what the world is, and who the creator of the world around us (God) is (जीव, जगत, ईश्वर). Ultimately we realize these are not outside us; they are all within our own awareness. They “appear” to be three different things based on superimpositions on Brahman - the Ultimate Reality.

Awareness is all there is. Everything “appears” in pure awareness. After this realization, the world continues to appear the way it used to appear earlier, but is clearly recognized as a reflection of our own mind. Since it is only a reflection, only an appearance, three things happen. We (1) do not crave it, (2) are not afraid of it, and (3) do not try to correct it. Such a person starts consciously implementing the characteristics of स्थितप्रज्ञ (the one with an equanimous mind) with great awareness. As the practice becomes consistent, the “doer” disappears and merges in his own divine nature.

The good news is - even if we realize this just for a moment before we leave our body, we are no longer condemned to the cycles of birth and death, as indicated by the BhagavadGita second chapter’s last verse…

एषा ब्राह्मी स्थितिःपार्थ नैनां प्राप्य विमुह्यति ।

स्थित्वास्यामन्तकालेऽपि ब्रह्मनिर्वाणमृच्छति ॥ २:७२ ॥

eṣā brāhmī sthitiḥ pārtha

naināṁ prāpya vimuhyati

sthitvāsyām anta-kāle ’pi

brahma-nirvāṇam ṛcchati ||2:72||

This is the Brahmic seat (eternal state), O son of Pritha (Arjuna). Attaining to this, none is deluded. Being established therein, even at the end of life, one attains to oneness with Brahman.

Let us pray each one of us is able to reach this state before we leave the body for good.🙏😇


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