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Freedom with Natural Diet

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Priyanka Sarkar, 18 Dec 2021

What does the term "natural diet" mean when everything edible directly or indirectly comes from nature itself? Well, "natural" here means food offered by nature consumed as is or with minimal processing, which Sattv promotes. My unusual journey with Sattv diet is taking me steadily along the path of freedom - from cravings, tiredness, body aches, mood swings, skin pigmentation, chemicals, and confusions in my mind. I am a 41 year-old homemaker, a Reiki practitioner, and a mother of two kids - 11 and 5. Four years back I moved to the US with my husband and kids. Since then I couldn't help feeling overworked, stressed with little time for myself. Having lived in India with domestic help, life in the US was exhausting. I was really looking for some way to increase my energy level because I was experiencing tiredness, back pain, and sadness, which was affecting my family life. Being on a spiritual path I knew I was unable to give my 100% in various aspects of my life.

By joining Sattv I turned over a new chapter in my life. After being on natural diet for 6 months, I am delighted to share my first-hand experiences of Freedom.

1) Cravings: Food cravings, in general, are not harmful as long as we are able to maintain a healthy weight, which was exactly my case. After learning from Sattv how our gut microbiome is responsible for most of our cravings, it was mentally easy for me to stop snacking or putting anything in my mouth without being hungry. Within the first 3 days of starting on the Sattv diet I started experiencing freedom from cravings.

2) Tiredness and body ache: This was a radical change in my overall well-being. Now, without body pain, I can take care of my duties with ease and minimum effort. Life is way more effortless and fun. I continue to do the same old household chores, but feel joyful, energetic, and enthusiastic while doing it. The need for relaxing or charging-up breaks has vanished.

3) Mood swings: We ladies are well-versed with "mood swings" since our puberty. They have come to a halt now. Now there is no PMS and the menstruation cycle is smooth.

4) Pigmentation: Bestowed with a fair skin, my face has always had pigmentation such as freckles, acne, and acne marks. Later, with pregnancy came melasma and age spots. My self-esteem was pretty low. None of these have any cure in medical or cosmetic treatment. With years of torturing my face with chemical peels, my skin had become sensitive. Now, with my natural diet, the skin is getting brighter and clearer without any special care.

5) Chemicals: With my progress and understanding of how the body works, my dependence on chemical-laden personal-care products such as moisturizers, deodorants, body soaps, and cosmetics has gone away.

6) Confusions in mind: The most amazing observation is that my mind is available to me without any complaints. My decision-making skills have improved. I can give almost 100% of my abilities and focus to solve any issue without being confused or feeling stuck.

Overall, I feel I have become a very efficient version of myself and an energy-efficient human being now. Since I eat no more than two meals on most days, I can confidently say our human body needs a very small quantity of food, as long as it is of high quality, provided by Mother Nature, without processing.


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