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Transformation through diet purification

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Friends, many of you have requested me to share my personal journey with diet purification. Here it is...

In November 2017, at age 56, when over 70% of my diet was cooked or processed food, my body (height 5 ft 8 in) weighed 80 kg (176 lb). Decreasing the percentage of cooked food gradually to 0% in 2 months, the weight went down to 72 kg (158 lb). Continuing with a 100% natural diet, by early February 2018 the weight went down to 68 kg (150 lb). Since then the weight has remained between 63 and 69 kg (139-152 lb). What started as an experiment has become a lifestyle because of the pleasant experience of health.

On a natural diet, my heart/pulse rate decreased from 70-80 to under 60 beats per minute. Blood pressure went down from 130/90 to 100/70 mm Hg; post-meal blood sugar went down from 150+ to under 100 mg/dL; fasting blood sugar was maintained around 70 mg/dL; and total blood cholesterol went down from 200+ to under 150 mg/dL.

Within a month of switching to a 100% natural diet, my sinus allergies and digestion challenges of almost 40 years disappeared. In another month or so, I was able to do yoga postures better and more easily than when I was a teenager, turning the clock back by 40 years!

Since converting to a completely natural diet, I have had a couple of minor colds. These cured themselves without medication within a day or two. Before 2017 I would typically suffer from colds for at least a week!

Natural food thus has a tremendously beneficial effect on our overall health. It helps normalize weight, blood pressure, and other health parameters. It helps build our immunity, through which we can keep illness away and enjoy vibrant health.


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