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Stopped Diabetes Tablets!

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

By Deepak K

24 December 2021

When I joined the Sattv diet purification program I already knew in my heart I would benefit from it, but was skeptical because I 'knew' I couldn't maintain any food discipline. That's probably why I ended up a diabetic in the first place, but I gave it a try anyway.

Yesterday I had an appointment with the doctor, and I'm delighted to tell you my numbers have improved to such an extent that my doctor has stopped the daily diabetes tablets I was taking for the past 3 years! I have also lost a couple of inches from the waist.

Now I am used to and enjoy the Sattv routine of early morning yoga. I watch what and how much I eat. I am convinced if I can maintain this lifestyle I will have a much better overall life experience.

I often say my eating habits are samskaras gathered over time, which will be replaced gradually with new and better ones. The journey for me has already begun and I am determined to stay on this path.

Thanks for your support, Team Sattv!


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