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Diet purification for realizing our full potential as human beings

All living beings are reflections of the same "life." Our life is no different from any other creature's life. Each life form appears in its environment for a beneficial purpose (for the environment or ecosystem). Humans are the only creatures who have the freedom to act in a manner suitable or unsuitable to the environment. Therefore humans are the only species who damage the environment (and in turn damage themselves). We may arrogantly think of ourselves superior compared with other creatures, but the environment does not treat us that way.

Other than Homo sapiens, no animal exhibits gluttony, hoarding, or exploitation/rape. No living being "bothers" another living being unless the second living being happens to be the first one's food. Even that food is consumed only at the "need" level. Unless hungry no animal kills another animal. No animal overeats. Has anyone seen a tiger taking a "take-away" when it is full after eating its prey? When the tiger is full, the prey's remaining meat gets eaten right in front of the tiger's nose (by other animals and birds) and the tiger does not even blink!

As long as human beings are engaged in gluttony, hoarding, and rape, human beings have no right to call themselves even animals. We need to first eliminate these three from our consciousness before we can come up to animal level. Then we can think of elevating ourselves to the human level.

Once a person starts living like a true human being (the way way nature has intended), then other people start thinking the person is superhuman. As Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev says - living like this is not superhuman; being human itself is super!

If we can rise above our so-called animal nature get even a glimpse of what being human means, then we would never be tempted to live like animals. That's the way to truly respect nature that has created us.

To achieve this awareness, the first and the most basic discipline is to eat only when we are hungry and never more than necessary. As babies we have this intuitive discipline but as we grow older we become slaves to our tongue, our culture, our cuisine, etc, and lose our ability to recognize and respect our natural hunger signals.

It is our prayer and wish each one of us learns this discipline and undertakes diet purification leading us to realizing our full potential as human beings.


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