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Life's Guiding Principles

From our study of ecology, experiments with diet, and spiritual practice, we have learned the following principles that guide our lives:

- Organisms appear in an ecosystem only when (a) ecological conditions for their appearance and survival, and (b) food appropriate for their sustenance are available.

- Each organism has a beneficial ecological role - of cleaning the ecosystem. This applies even to the organisms we call pathogens and pests.

- Every organism (other than human beings) consumes food appropriate for its nourishment, only to satisfy its hunger, and stores nothing other than what is naturally needed for its survival.

- Every organism tries its best to save its life and does not give it up willingly. Thus each organism's life is as important for it as our life is for us.

- Any organism kills another organism only as necessary for either food or self-defense.

We must understand the above principles and consciously implement them in our lives. When we do so, we are rewarded by nature with individual as well as social health and well-being. Any contrary behavior is an offense against nature, for which we are penalized through disease and (social, economic, environmental) adversity. We ourselves are responsible for our condition and life. Instead of blaming our problems on others (and consequently trying to correct others), we must look at our own behavior and correct ourselves.


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