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Health Benefits of Natural Food

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

By reducing the quantity of cooked food, increasing the quantity of natural food, and eating only as much as our body truly needs, we can reach our ideal body weight within only a few weeks. When we eat only natural food, body fat is reduced, and our body maintains its natural shape. The body becomes more flexible. On a natural diet we rarely get sick and recover much more quickly even if we do.

Once the body gets used to natural food, cravings for cooked/processed food go down. During the first few months after converting to a fully raw diet, we may get hungry frequently, but over time hunger pangs subside as the gut microbial population gradually changes. Over time we need to eat fewer meals a day. Even one meal a day suffices once the body gets used to the new eating pattern.

To process (oxidize) the food consumed, oxygen is provided to the body through breathing. On a natural diet we eat much less, hence much less oxygen is needed. Consequently less breathing is needed, which results in a significant reduction in heart/pulse rate.

Natural diet helps maintain healthy blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol. Once the body starts functioning “at ease” then “disease” automatically disappears, and we start enjoying vibrant health. This experience is much more pleasant and longer lasting than the short-lived pleasure we get from (over)eating cooked or processed food.


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