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Intermittent Fasting

To maintain vibrant health, it is best to consume mostly natural, seasonal, and local food with as little processing as possible. Along with a natural diet, a daily fast of 16-23 hours can reduce inflammation in our body significantly, cure almost every chronic/lifestyle disease, and slow the aging process down. Depending upon what we consume, in about 12 hours of fasting, our body digests the previous meal completely. After that, the body processes and excretes toxins, including pesticide traces we might ingest with raw food. The longer the fast the more we excrete any accumulated toxins in the body. If we fast longer than 14-16 hours every night, we get a very pleasant experience of cleanliness from within.

Our ability to access our body’s natural intelligence improves significantly when we fast. Fasting is even more important than the type of diet we choose. The fundamental rule of diet is to eat only when we are truly hungry. If we eat a light meal, then we get hungry relatively quickly. If for any reason we eat a heavy meal, then we do not get hungry for a relatively longer duration. We must wait to eat our next meal until we are hungry and not because “it is time to eat” or because food is available.

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