Ready To Get Back In Shape And Detox Your Mind And Body?

A uniquely crafted 90-Day Detox and Fat Loss Program for Mind and Body Makeover with Natural Diet

How does the Detox Program work?

The 90-Day Detox program is an exhaustively designed program for our holistic well-being based on natural diet and lifestyle.  Through this program we coach on strengthening the body's natural intelligence to enhance our life energy, boost immunity, get rid of excess body fat, relax the mind, listen to and respect our body signals to lead a vibrant and happy life.

Every participant in the program is provided a personalized diet plan based on their lifestyle and health goals, without use of any supplements or medicines. Here are the Program Highlights:

Nutrition Management
Mental Well-Being
Physical Health

Our experts will train you one-on-one and provide you a diet plan, customized based on your health condition, body needs, and current lifestyle. You do not need to be nervous about switching to a natural diet, because our experts will hand-hold and support you at every step along the way...

The Detox program will increase your awareness, relieve stress, sharpen attention, and concentrate through our daily guided yoga sessions tailored for different age-groups. The program includes guided everyday meditation to relax and calm your mind...

Whether your goal is fat-loss or works on your chronic ailments, this program will also lead you to experience improved digestion, better sleep, more energy, clearer skin, and enhanced immunity. It is a way of life, not just a diet...

Stress Management

Lower your anxiety levels and improve your ability to deal with stressful situations with a calm and balanced mind through this holistically designed program for your overall well-being...

What Can You Expect?

Fat Loss Naturally

Natural food has live enzymes that give our body and mind enough energy to maintain healthy function. One experiences a spike in energy levels improving overall productivity!

Boost in Energy Levels  

Our body loses fat, maintains natural shape, and gains flexibility with more natural food in our diet. It also helps to maintain ideal body weight and keep those extra kilos away.

Calmer Mind  

Food plays an important role in our mental health. Natural food helps to uplift one’s moods, bring in positivity in thoughts, and experience life satisfaction.

Better control of lifestyle ailments

Natural diet not only helps maintain healthy blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol, but also leads us to a disease-free experience.

Improved Body Immunity 

On a natural diet, one rarely gets sick and recovers much more quickly even if one does. The immunity levels are kept up since digestion is more efficient leaving more resources for the body to effectively fight external pathogens and viruses.

Look and Feel Amazing 

Natural food helps clear the skin and slows down the process of age-ing by absorbing maximum nutrients from naturally available food.

Program Features for the 90-Day Detox program

The intention of this program is to mentor every individual on following a lifestyle that will not only help them achieve their ideal weight but also set them up on their transformation journey. 

Program Features:

  • Our experts study your individual case in detail -   your current diet, eating pattern, food liking and lifestyle, health challenges and health goals.

  • Through a video call, our experts discuss at length with you and provide you diet guidelines that are.

  • You are added to our participants online community where-in you can socialize with other participants and ask any questions you might have during the program.

  • Daily 1 hour Yoga and Meditation sessions are conducted 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) for body and mind relaxation.

  • Our experts review your progress every week through a call to ensure you are on track and are able to follow the guidelines provided to you. If needed, changes are suggested to provide you maximum benefits of the program and address any challenges you might be facing.

  • Our experts are always accessible to address any questions you might have during the 90-Day Program.

Hear from our participants...

Prasad Jahagirdar, Pune, 45 years

I am really happy with the result. I never did any dieting or yoga training in my life. However, Sattv program has changed my perception on the importance of our diet in our lifestyle and energy levels. With this program I lost 5 kg (11 lb) of weight in a month's time, which was really good! I am feeling energetic as now my lifestyle is different. Yoga helped me to control my senses and concentrate better. I don't feel like having tea, sugar, fried, processed , etc. Thank you for this wonderful

Abhiram Pattarkine , USA, 33 years

One thing I am taking away from this program is losing weight is not as important as continually making the right food choices for our body and our mind. If we make the right choices then all other benefits are just the by-products. Thank you once again and all the best to everyone in this program for their future endeavors

Meenaxi Supnekar, Mumbai, 78 years

Before joining Sattv Detox Program: 59 kg (130 lb) On completing Sattv Detox Program: 54 kg (119 lb) Note by Meenaxi’s son Samir: Congratulations to Team Sattv. I cannot believe my mother of 78 years has managed to reduce her weight by 5 kg in just 30 days! Thanks to Team Sattv for introducing us to this detox diet concept and for empowering us to believe that detox is not a very complex regime but a set of easy-to-follow steps that can be practiced by anyone!

Aparna Parulekar, Mumbai, 47 years

It’s been a wonderful one month journey of learning so many new things,gaining knowledge about food,the right things to only when hungry..experimenting with intermittent fasting..these are lifetime lessons which are slowly becoming a way of life on this journey. I am grateful and indebted to Team Sattv and all the lovely members of our Sattv family. Thank you for guiding us and always being there for us🙏and the early morning yoga sessions which I really enjoy. Thank you once again !

Aparna Gokhale, USA, 33 years

It was a wonderful experience after joining Sattv. I am feeling light from inside. Detoxification has helped me in making my skin clearer and at the same time clarify my thoughts. I am no longer lethargic. Also happy to share I have lost 6 kg (13 lb). I will continue following the diet. Thanks Team Sattv team for this wonderful transformation.🙏🏻🙏🏻🤗

Jaya Gawali, Abu Dhabi, 35 years

Great and interesting initiative! I have so much more energy now than I did before. I sleep better. I can eat as much as I want, but I tend to eat less than I did before because my body actually responds to feeling full! Thank you for helping me find this wonderful path that has allowed me to take back my health, my energy, my life!

Abhiram Pattarkine , USA, 33 years

One thing I am taking away from this program is losing weight is not as important as continually making the right food choices for our body and our mind. If we make the right choices then all other benefits are just the by-products. Thank you once again and all the best to everyone in this program for their future endeavors