MasterClass with Dr Jagannath Dixit

Discover the Magic of Natural Plant-Based Diet With 2 Meals-A-Day for Vibrant Health and Well-Being

29 August, 7.00 pm IST

Discover the Magic of Natural Plant-Based Diet With 2 Meals-A-Day for Vibrant Health and Well-Being

Join us for an insightful session on 29 August, 7:00 pm IST where Dr Vikram Pattarkine will be in conversation with Dr Jagannath Dixit on how the combo of Natural Diet and 2-Meals-A-Day can do wonders to our immunity, overall health and well-being.


Dr Jagannath Dixit

Dr Jagannath Dixit has 28 years of teaching experience, is working as Professor and Head of Community Medicine Department at Government Medical College, Latur, Maharashtra.


He initiated the “World free from obesity and diabetes” campaign in 2013. He and his team have conducted more than 300 lectures on the topic. Thousands of people have lost weight.


Hundreds of diabetics are benefitted. Most importantly this campaign has provided a ray of hope to all obese and diabetics in the world. He has received three national and four state-level awards for his contribution in the field of health education through books, newspapers, radio, and Television.


He was honored with Best Teacher (medical faculty) award and Dr.Shardini Dahanukar Best of the best teachers (all faculties) award by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik for the year 2015-2016.

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Dr. Vikram Pattarkine

Dr Vikram Pattarkine holds a Ph.D. in environmental engineering from Virginia Tech, USA. He is presently the CEO of PEACE USA, an independent consulting practice set up to provide environmental stewardship strategies and solutions.

Dr Vikram actively follows and mentors those interested in following a lifestyle based on a natural plant-based diet for both personal health and the planet’s sustainability. He has been a yoga practitioner for four decades and regularly teaches sincere aspirants.

Diet purification (Aharshuddhi) leads to mind purification (Chittashuddhi). This has been proven in Dr Vikram's personal experience through careful observation. As a senior member of Team Sattv, Dr Vikram mentors the team as well as those who seek his guidance. Many have achieved their ideal body weight and overcome their lifestyle challenges under his mentorship and guidance.


He recommends we should not eat less than our daily requirement nor should we feel deprived. We should eat based on our body's needs, only when we are truly hungry.

Magic of Natural Plant-Based Diet With 2 Meals-A-Day

Be a part of this event to get insights into how including more of natural plant-based food, twice in a day enables our body to heal naturally, achieve ideal body weight and enhance our life experience.