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Transform your life through Diet Purification

In pandemic times like these, wouldn't it be great to keep our immunity up and reverse lifestyle disorders such as obesity, PCOS, diabetes, and many others? Join us for a free webinar, to learn how can this be achieved through diet purification, which also helps transform our life experience.


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Dr. Vikram Pattarkine

Our Speaker - Dr. Vikram Pattarkine

Dr. Vikram Pattarkine holds a Ph.D. in environmental engineering from Virginia Tech, USA. He is presently the CEO of PEACE USA, an independent consulting practice set up to provide environmental stewardship strategies and solutions.

Dr. Vikram actively follows and mentors those interested in following a lifestyle based on a natural plant-based diet for both personal health and the planet’s sustainability. He has been a yoga practitioner for four decades and regularly teaches sincere aspirants.

What will the webinar cover?

Dr. Vikram will provide insights into changes we can bring into our diet and lifestyle to achieve our ideal body weight ...

What is Diet Purification and how does it help?

How do I work on reversing lifestyle curses like obesity, PCOS, diabetes, hypertension, etc.?

How do I go about transitioning to this new lifestyle?

Transform your life through Diet Purification

July 19th, 2020
6:30 PM to 7:30 PM IST  
9.00 AM to 10.00 AM EST

Hear it from the expert who has been practicing a natural lifestyle and get all your questions answered.

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